All of these apps are products that I concieved of, designed, and built either entirely by myself or in collaboration with one other (graphic design) person.

Stories (One Word at a Time)
Create stories one word at a time with the app.

You add the first word, the app adds the second, you add the third, and so forth. See how many different ways to can make the stories change and go where you want them to.

Playing Time
If you coach sports, or are a parent of a child involved in youth sports, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of how much playing time each player is getting.

This application will let you track the playing time for each player. You can use it during the game to help manage playing time for those cases when equal playing time is the goal, or after the game is over to see what actually happened.

Checklist : Shopping
An elegant (and deceptively simple) checklist app designed just for your shopping trips.

• Drag-and-drop items so they follow the path you take through the store.

• Since we often shop for the same things over and over, when you check an item, it doesn't go away, it just dims and moves to the bottom of the list. When it's time to shop for that item again, just uncheck the box and it'll move up to the top section. It will even sort itself based on how you've ordered items for previous shopping trips.

• If you're adding a single item, there's a button that'll save and then immediately bring you back to your checklist.

• If you're adding multiple items, the 'next' button on the keyboard will add and reset for the next one.

This app probably isn't for you.

How's that for a marketing strategy?

Seriously, it was designed for a very specific use-case. Mine. I like to go on walks, hold my phone in my hand, not listen to music or podcasts and just let my brain wander. I've found that this is when ideas just start flooding in - and I needed a way to capture them.

To use, you simply start the app before your walk. When you have an idea, you bring the phone up to your mouth and either tap or press-and-hold to start recording. When you're done speaking the idea, you either tap again or lift up your finger - depending on how you initiated the recording.

The app will then transcribe your idea into text and allow you to share it. I always just share with myself (via email), but you can share with anyone via any of the standard iOS share options (Messages, Email, Copy, etc).

I typically queue up all of the ideas for a walk and share once at the end - but you can share whenever you want.

If you always share to the same email or phone number, you can add that in the Settings and sharing will be even easier (just one tap).

When the app has transcribed your idea and is ready to accept the next one, your phone will vibrate.

If any of that sounds like how YOU roll, give it a try. If not, I'm guessing there are a bazillion other apps for stuff like this.

The most elegant and simple checklist app available. Manage your to-do list, shopping or anything else.

DriveRite is the must-have app for the parents of teen drivers that helps you teach your child to be safe and text-free behind the wheel. DriveRite monitors your teen’s cell-phone use when they’re driving, and alerts you if they’re driving distracted.

Instead of preventing cell-phone use, DriveRite notifies you and issues the driver a ‘ticket’ if they use their phone during a trip. A daily report card logs all trips and any violations – information you can use to keep your teen accountable and teach them to become a better, safer driver.

Driving while distracted – or intexticated – can be deadly. 77% of young drivers are confident they can safely text and drive, yet in 2011, 23% of all car crashes involved cell phone use. And a crash is 23 times more likely when texting.

DriveRite gives you a simple, structured way of encouraging your new driver to make safe choices -- and to avoid becoming a statistic.

You're determined to be the best you can be. This app will help you to track all of the extra effort you put in, including the off–season.

You can easily track any kind of activity for any sport and then email your log to your coach.

Coaches, this is a great tool to keep your players motivated in the off–season.

Is someone you're following on Instagram posting #GO links? If so, this is the app you need to follow them.

Do YOU want to drive your Instagram followers to links?

#GO is a simple (and free) app that translates simple 4-digit codes from Instagram comments into links.

If you see an Instagram comment like: #go 1234, all you have to do is open #GO and enter 1234 and it will take you to the link -- it is that easy!

Have you ever gone to take a picture with your iPhone in a dark setting – like a classical concert or theater production only to be horrified when your screen lights up the room? Or, even worse, have you forgotten to turn off your flash?

Dark is a simple camera app that is designed for just these times. You launch the app before the lights go out – and then when they dim, you put the app into 'dark mode' – where it dims your phone and uses a very minimalist interface to let you take photos and video without disturbing your neighbors.

Simple problem. Simple solution.

After the show, use your favorite photo sharing apps like Instagram or Facebook to share what you've captured using Dark.

Admit it – you still like to receive cards in the mail. And, do your eyes glaze over at all of the terrible choices in the greeting card section of your local store?

Postmark is an app that lets you send simple, beautiful, hand–written cards in the mail for just a few bucks.

We believe that the design of the card or where the card was mailed from aren't the important part – it's that you made the decision to send the card and then spent some time crafting the personal message inside.

Well, to be clear, we actually think the design of the card IS important, but we think it should be simple and classic and stay out of the way of your personal message. Those are the card designs we use.

Send a card and see what happens.

Friends and followers are great -- but you can get enough of those with the other apps.

Just... is about the content -- in this case, the subject matter of your photos. We've identified a handful of popular subjects and that's all you can post.

So, if you have a thing for puppies or flowers -- Just... will help you to find others that are just as enthusiastic about them. You know that when you come back, you'll find just what you're looking for.

Cigar is the newest way to discover things.

It is constantly monitoring sources like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Netflix, Quirky and Ted Talks looking for things that have just been released -- so, you'll be the first to see them.

If you like them, double-tap -- if you don't, just swipe them away.

We'll send you a periodic email digest of anything you showed interest in.

Connect to every corner of your world with Join...
  • Create and discover groups
  • Post, comment, upload photos, check-in
  • Ask questions -- Get answers
  • Keep up with your friends

NOTE: Plateside has been acquired by Bump Networks.

Plateside is a new way for you to communicate with others using license plates.

If you see something interesting regarding a vehicle, you can send a message using the license plate as the 'address'. Or, you can just post status updates – and Plateside will forward them to facebook and twitter to keep your friends and followers up–to–date.

We think you'll find many reasons to use Plateside. In fact, once you have Plateside, we think a walk down the street or through a parking lot will never be the same.

Here are some of the things people are using Plateside to say...
  • Nice ride!
  • I like your plate!
  • Where'd you get those wheels?
  • What does your vanity plate mean?
  • Your car is blocking mine
  • You're cute!
  • I like your sticker!
  • Great day for a drive with the top down!
  • Your lights are on
  • And more...
NOTE: There are, or soon will be, many apps out there that will let you complain about bad drivers. Our hope is that Plateside doesn't just become another one of those. We think there are so many positive social reasons to connect with other people – and would really like to see Plateside used for those instead.